GHI has been marketing solutions on-line since 1999 and has seen many changes of which we have been educated and learned from in our quest to support our business and more importantly our business users.

Through social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Website development, video, SSL, hosting and SEO and now mobile app development  we aim to increase our vision with the use of analyses!

Collecting data and using stats in an efficient way can increase visual results so it’s important to always pay attention when running a business.

With tools including a Facebook Fan Page Apps it’s now possible with social media to micro target your audience and have a real social engagement with results!

 The benefits are gauged on your budget, investment, however you would be surprised at what a few hundred pounds or dollars can do to get you started!

 Here at GHI we aim to share our knowledge with our followers and reward our client in a manner that is unique in the new world of social engagement and media marketing solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or request you might have by clicking here

Best Wishes

Gary Hyams
GHI Marketing Solution








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